Decluttering our lives

Soen Roshi, former abbot of Ryutakaji monastery in Japan used to say that when most of us want to see beauty in a room, we bring in fancy paintings, furniture, precious objects. In Zen, when you want to see beauty in a room, you take everything out, one thing after another. When the room is empty, you can see its original nature. Its beauty shines by itself.

In Zen practice you do the same. You take everything out of your life that causes clutter, static, confusion, and greed. You take out plush furniture and people to lean on. As you do this, you naturally find your own inner balance and strength.

Brenda Shoshanna, Jewish Dharma: A Guide to the Practice of Judaism and Zen

5 thoughts on “Decluttering our lives

  1. I love all of the posts. I look forward to them everyday! Thankyou for this amazing blog!

    1. Thank you Monica. It is so nice of you to stop by and comment. It is great to be linked with bloggers from all around the world, Karl.

  2. Bery nice, reminds me of a challenge to describe everything in a room?

    We always overlook the light. Without light we would not see the view we describe. Without the light the description of the room would be quite stark.

    A piece of music by Beethoven would be incoherent without the pauses. Without the pauses music is noise. Empty spaces are overlooked but quite important.

    A shadow is like a picture frame. We decorate with one focal point with many layers of neutrals to highlight the focal point.

    The mind focused on the breath empty of thought operates at a superior level with ease. be present without doubt and Life opens up.

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