Why accepting the ordinary is good

It’s difficult to be ordinary and accept the triviality of our life. That’s why most of the time we feel frustrated, because we think somehow things are going to be different, or that they should be different, don’t we? We sense that life shouldn’t be just getting up in the morning, having breakfast, getting bored, having a cry with one’s spouse, going to the toilet, eating, getting bored at work, coming back, watching television, going to bed, getting up in the morning, and so on, day after day after day.  We feel that somehow there must be something else. So we go on a trip around the world – and we find that even on the other side of the world, we still have to get up, we still have to go to the toilet, we still have to eat, we still get happy and get bored with ourselves, we still get annoyed and depressed. We still get the same old “me” – whether it is here, on in California or in India or anywhere. So seeing the way things are is a very important realization because then we can actually work with life as it is, rather than expecting or dreaming about it.

Ajahn Sundara, Taking Refuge.

One thought on “Why accepting the ordinary is good

  1. Seems like life is mundane like mindfulness to most people. Our task is to learn to slow the mind down so it can enter and be an active part in this moment. It does not look miraculous on paper or will people see the expansive joy with being with the mundane.

    Drop worry and doubt and show,up new every morning it could be our last.

    One day it will be our last.

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