Notice chatter

Just do your best. This is the whole practice , the whole of your life. All sorts of chatter comes up in the midst of the circumstances of our life. Something breaks,  we clean it up or fix it up. Or we start chattering about “Why does this happen to me. Oh, I always do this. What Am I going to do? What does this mean?” After speaking with someone, do we continue holding onto the discussion with internal chatter like, “Why did they say that to me? It’s not fair they say it to me”?  If that chatterhabits of reactions, habit of thoughts and emotions – arises, then right there in the noticed chatter is our practice.

Everything is the Way: Ordinary Mind Zen

One thought on “Notice chatter

  1. Always amazing quotes Karl,

    I just wrote a post on life is neutral, it does not give a damn one way or another. life is not mad at us, trying to punish us or against us some bad luck anchor.

    We waste our time and energy even judging life or anything else. Mindfulness is very simple, practicing and applying it not that easy.

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