Keeping broader horizons in mind

The part of the mind that creates products is not the part of the mind that can grant us any lasting sense of happiness. The narrow often unconscious definition of humanity as primarily a producer and creator of products is fundamentally misconceived.  All good art forms remind us of the broader horizons of existence that make sense of any of its particular artifacts  …..The contemplative disciplines … are simply ways of learning to pay a profound attention to these outer patterns through disciplining the breath and the body at the same time. Eventually we learn not to choose between the inner and the outer world but live at a powerful frontier between these inner and outer correspondences.

David Whyte

One thought on “Keeping broader horizons in mind

  1. As Americans, we are very product-oriented. I have a hard time conquering this one when indoors, but as soon as I get outside into nature…..ahhhhhh………

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