A practice for today

See if you can bring a soft, curious, and even friendly awareness to feelings of liking and disliking. Notice any qualities of liking or disliking, of moving toward some experiences and away from others. You can even do this with any thoughts or emotions that may be coming and going in the mind and body from moment to moment, whether these thoughts and emotions are pleasant or unpleasant. Do your best to be fully present to your experience of the moment, of whatever is here in terms of sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Notice especially the strong or subtle sense of wanting things to be different than the way they are. You may notice feelings of grief, irritation, or amusement arise as you watch this play of judgments and opinions about what is happening inside and outside you. Continue to stay present to whatever is here.

Melissa Blacker

2 thoughts on “A practice for today

  1. Hi, Karl. My apologies for being long absent! I know I have been missing so much in not keeping up with your inspiring, enlightening and balancing posts. I am going to try to keep up on a daily basis from now on. Hope you are well and best wishes for the New Year and far beyond. Blessings, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,

      It is great to have you back and to know that you are there. It is a great to feel connected with you across the miles as you walk on your journey.

      Best wishes to you too for 2013


      From my iPhone

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