This ray of sunshine

lens_3Over the weekend I watched a documentary on Auschwitz  Concentration Camp. It reminded me to go back to the book of Jacques Lusseyran, who was blinded in  a school accident at the age of 8, and who became a French Resistance fighter once war broke out. In 1943, Lusseyran was arrested and sent to Buchenwald.  There he helped keep a spirit of resistance and hope within the camp, nourished by a strength which he discovered within himself. In this passage he describes the approach he adopted towards life:

We had to live in the present; each moment had to be absorbed for all that was in it…. When a ray of sunshine comes, open out, absorb it to the depths of your being. Never think that an hour earlier you were cold and that an hour later you will be cold again. Just enjoy…. The amazing thing is that no anguish held out against this treatment for very long. Take away from suffering its double drumbeat of resonance, memory and fear. Suffering may persist, but already it is relieved by half.

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