This weekends weather

low cloud Jura april 28

Snow, rain and low clouds on the Jura. The weather moves from Spring to Autumn, confusing the plants and the birds. A useful lesson for us in working with our inner changing moods:

High winds do not last all morning

Heavy rain does not last all day

Why is this? Heaven and Earth!

If heaven and earth cannot make things eternal

Why do we think it happens for us?

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

3 thoughts on “This weekends weather

  1. Nice poem. its just insane how the weather pattern is changing this days. We also had a record high temperature in the Tahoe area today. Climate change is for real.

    1. Hi Daniel. Thanks for your comment. Really nice reading your blog with its important message. We would be delighted with a bit of your heat in this part of the world! Best wishes for your work,


  2. So true and very apt here in England too. The weather forecasters have started forecasting pretty much everything to make sure they are right 😉
    The idea that our moods can be like the weather has really hit home for me. Sometimes your mood can seem to change for no apparent reason and I need to learn to accept this with compassion instead of trying to change it.
    Thanks for another thought provoking post

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