Listening with new ears

File:Listen, do you want to know a secret.jpg
It seems to me of the utmost importance that we  listen in order to learn.  Most of us listen with the background of what we know, of what we have experienced. Perhaps you have never noticed the difference between the mind that really learns and the mind that merely accumulates, gathers knowledge. The mind that is accumulating knowledge never learns. It is always translating what it hears in terms of its own experience, in terms of the knowledge which it has gathered; it is caught up in the process of accumulating, of adding to what it already knows, and such a mind is incapable of learning.
J. Krisnamurtu
photo: lazylightening

One thought on “Listening with new ears

  1. I agree! in order to learn we must listen!!.. i am a fan of J. Krisnamurtu.. that quote leaves a lot to think about.. like listening without judging almost? just listening.

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