Space and busyness

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When I was in graduate school I worked with a Jungian analyst, June Singer. She used to say, “Work expands to fill all of the available space.” The problem is not the amount of things you have in your life, it’s the attitude. It’s your fear of space. Busy-ness in the Tibetan tradition is considered the most extreme form of laziness. Because when you are busy you can turn your brain off. You’re on the treadmill. The only  intelligence comes in the morning when you make your To Do list and you get rid of all the possible space that could happen in your day. There is intelligence in that: I fill up all the space so I don’t have to actually relate to myself!

Reginald Ray, Busyness is laziness

2 thoughts on “Space and busyness

  1. … it depends …

    If your work is fun, and brings you into the ‘zone’ 9 hours a day. And traffic is not a dread but just traffic – and a time to to be yourself. And if at home you do your duties … and then there is not so much ‘space’ left but you are happy – also with the setbacks … then I have filled space with work and duties for 15 hours that day.

    But perhaps you are pointing to the taxi driver, who will always try to appear/be busy, even without customers, for 15 hours a day?

    When I turn my mind off, I’m closer to Spirit. Silence is my friend. The ‘Zone’ and ‘Awe’ lead me into that space.

    Just some thoughts, thank you for provoking me just a little. 🙂

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