Letting go of perfection today

File:Dublin Bus buses.jpg

It is interesting being back in Ireland this December and seeing how Christmas is portrayed in advertisements. In today’s world there is a constant push toward self-improvement, towards presenting oneself  perfectly and being seen in control of events. So we are encouraged to have the “perfect Christmas” by shopping in this store or by getting this product. This type of mentality gets us into a state of anticipation, of waiting, of thinking that things are transformed by getting this or changing that. We look forward to a special day or to the holidays, believing that it will somehow fix whatever out of balance in our lives. This drive can be almost overwhelming. However, there is never any such thing as a “perfect” Christmas, or a perfect holiday. It is better to recognize that lives and days are inevitably messy, a mix of good and bad, and to find our balance in that.

A lot of disappointed people have been left

standing on the street corner

waiting for the bus marked Perfection

Donald Kennedy

photo tinou bau

2 thoughts on “Letting go of perfection today

  1. I think once we figure out that we are not always in control of the events surrounding us, whether they are happening directly to us or just around us, this is when we find a state of relaxation instead of anticipation, especially during the holidays. I think that’s where the phrase “a beautiful breakdown” comes from.

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