Dont do much

Wood Duck (Drake)

Meditation  is  simply a question of being. You just quietly  sit,  your body  still,  your speech silent, your mind at  ease,  and  allow thoughts to come and go, without letting them play havoc on  you. If you need something to do, then watch the breathing. This is  a  very  simple process. When you are breathing out, know  that  you are  breathing  out.  When  you breath  in,  know  that  you  are breathing  in, without supplying any kind of extra commentary  or internalized mental gossip.

Sogyal Rinpoche, Essential Advice on Meditation

2 thoughts on “Dont do much

  1. I used to get all tied up with thoughts, then different ways to empty my mind. I imagined thoughts being only an appendage at the end of my arm, thoughts were an enemy at this time in my practice.

    When I caught myself in thought, I would bring myself back but the thoughts had been grasped.

    Distraction was a strategy for a while.

    Now, just being in the middle of thoughts, not reacting at all, has deepened my practice.

    Funny, thoughts can appear while meditating but somehow are not engaged then they disappear quickly and this acceptance of doing nothing is so natural.

    We all can grow deeper in our practice coupled with some loving kindness and a life of living is available.

    Always thought provoking posts, Karl! thanks

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