Open to the life we have

File:6 Kryvonosa Street, Lviv (2).jpg

Today dawned very foggy over Ireland and England, narrowing down things and dulling the senses somewhat. Sometimes,  in similar ways,  we narrow down our possibilities by not being open to all  that is actually going on in our lives, as we think better is to be found elsewhere, or in the future:

We often disapprove of parts of our lives without really examining them – it’s like never going into certain rooms of your house. But meditation allows all the voices and all the images into the room. When we open the invisible doors, we can come to rest in the life we have; we can love it as it is instead of waiting for a shinier version. “Every day is a good day”, goes the Zen koan.

John Tarrant, Enlightenment is Something we do Together

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