Deep silence


In different traditions and at different times there were many attempts to express the value of setting aside some time for silence or creating some space to listen and yet they all agree on its benefits. What was true in the 12th century is even more true today. When we get caught up in relentless activity we are in danger of not hearing what our deep needs are, or indeed what are those of others close to us. Finding some time for quiet in our lives is not a luxury but rather is essential for protecting our health.

Let all my world be silent in your presence so that I may hear what you may say in my heart. Your words are so softly spoken  that no one can hear them except in a deep silence. But to hear them lifts the person who sits alone and in silence completely above their natural powers, because those who humble themselves will be lifted up. Those who sit alone and listen will be raised above themselves.

Guigo II, Carthusian monk, died 1188, Ladder of Monks and Twelve Meditations

photo brian stansberry

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