Step back

step back

Liberation ….is a process of mentally, emotionally, stepping back from any state and seeing it just as a state, without reactions and attitudes.

This simple skill, which most of us can do from time to time, is what we develop in … practice.

Ajahn Sucitto, Kamma and the End of Kamma

One thought on “Step back

  1. Hello, I was meant to have left a comment here when I first read your post but ended up never doing it. A few weeks ago I attended a Meditation workshop with precisely Ajahn Sucitto and I brought with me the Kamma and the End of Kamma book. Now… re-reading your post here makes me smile. He has so much “knowledge” and wisdom, I was really impressed listening and watching him speaking. We did a few practices on that day, including a walking meditation in the large grassy grounds near the premises where the event took place. I’ll write a post about it sometime soon.

    Your blog is quite inspiring. Keep on the good work!
    Tree Spirit 🙂

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