There is nothing ahead

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Some of the sentiments expressed around New Year –  or the current fad of people posting pictures online –  can lead us to think that looking to the future, or looking for happiness somewhere other than where we are,  is good for our mental health. These beautiful few lines from Rumi – an extract from a longer inspiring poem –  reminds us that it is in this moment,  in what is right here, and not in our concepts, is where we need to keep our awareness.

 Forget the future.
I’d worship someone who could do that.

On the way you may want to look back, or not.
But if you can say, There’s nothing ahead,
there will be nothing there.


from Coleman Barks, Rumi: The Book of Love: Poems of Ecstasy and Longing

photo kevin law

One thought on “There is nothing ahead

  1. Yep! As we approached 2015 I was one who came out with a lot of those standard sayings without even thinking! Old habits need to be observed and updated I think. 🙂

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