Tolerance for uncertainty

File:The steep slope down from Meall a Coire Leith - - 1002952.jpg
There is a deep-seated tendency, it’s almost a compulsion, to distract ourselves, even when we’re not consciously feeling uncomfortable. There’s a background hum of edginess, boredom, restlessness. As I’ve said, during my time in retreat where there were almost no distractions, even there I experienced this deep uneasiness.…..We feel this uneasiness because we’re always trying to get ground under our feet and it never quite works. We’re always looking for a permanent reference point, and it doesn’t exist. Everything is impermanent. Everything is always changing…Nothing is pin-down-able the way we’d like it to be. This is not actually bad news, but we all seem to be programmed for denial. We have absolutely no tolerance for uncertainty
Pema Chodron, Taking the Leap
photo david brown

One thought on “Tolerance for uncertainty

  1. Hi.As a small way to pay you back for all the wonderful and helpful posts I have read from you I would like to give you a book reccomendation that has much to do with this post: If you have not already read it please run as fast as you can and get the book THE FALL BY STEVEN TAYLOR. After you have read it ,you will have many explainable pieces to the puzzle as to why we act the way do now as inhuman human beings. some of it is common sense but much of it .. well you will see.With deep appreciation ,Lynn Fux ( a practicing Nichiren Buddhist surviving in Northern Israel)

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