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Suffering is our best teacher because it hangs onto us and keeps us in its grip until we have learned that particular lesson. Only then does suffering let go. If we haven’t learned our lesson, we can be quite sure that the same lesson is going to come again, because life is nothing but an adult education class. If we don’t pass in any of the subjects, we just have to sit the examination again. Whatever lesson we have missed, we will get it again. That is why we find ourselves reacting to similar situations in similar ways many times.

Ayya Khema, Being Nothing,  Going Nowhere

photo nigel callaghan

5 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Reblogged this on As I see it and commented:
    My Dad always told me, “Life is school, you are never out of school” – this blog from Mindful balance tells this truth well. What’s tricky about this whole thing is the “pop quizzes” to see if you’ve truly learned what your supposed to….I’ve had a few F’s LOL! Progress, not perfection.

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