Sometimes we do not know

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Frequently we don’t know the answers to some of the questions that life throws at us.  We come to see that there is always a balance between knowing and not knowing. We prefer knowing, certainty, clear ideas. But maybe wisdom comes from being able to allow what we don’t know, and from learning to trust.

This is how we become wise:

When the formed

is taught by the unformed.

Chuang Tzu

photo taro taylor

5 thoughts on “Sometimes we do not know

  1. Coming from an analytical, debate-centered, intellectual family the need to “know” was always the most important value or driver. Over the years I’ve come to see how that need is really, in many ways, a weakness or a defense against fear. Allowing the unknown, the mystery of life to really permeate your life and sink down deeply is without a doubt, the most satisfying, and possibly, the most free loving way to live. Good piece.

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