Where the heart is…

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Here is one simple exercise to help us discover what we love. Looks to see where we give our time and attention. Attention is the physical manifestation of love. If I keep pushing my children away when they want me to play with them, they do not feel loved. I may have love in my heart; I may feel joy when I see them, and want only the best for them. But they will feel my love only when I turn around and give them my undivided attention. Through my attention, they experience my love. Attention is a tangible measure of love. Whatever receives our time and attention becomes the center of gravity, the focus of our life. This is what we do with what we love: We allow it to become our center.

Wayne Muller, How then Shall We live: Four Simple Questions that Reveal the Beauty and Meaning of Our Lives

photo joao pimentel ferreira

3 thoughts on “Where the heart is…

  1. Wayne Mueller , another of my favorites! I actually have a blog post book review of him in draft form to be published next week…I think. Once again, you nailed it with something so meaningful. Thank you. I’m actually printing this quote to post in my house to always remind me…

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