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It’s a long weekend here in Ireland and the weather is even forecast to be good. A time to slow down, let go our that part of the mind which is task driven and touch into some non-doing:
The great tragedy of speed as an answer to the complexities and responsibilities of existence is that very soon we cannot recognize anything or anyone who is not traveling at the same velocity as we are…..as slaves to speed, we start to lose sight of family members, especially children, or those who are ill or infirm, who are not flying through the world as quickly and determinedly as we are. Just as seriously, we begin to leave behind the parts of our own selves that limp a little, the vulnerabilities that actually give us color and character. We forget that our sanity is dependent on a relationship with longer, more patient cycles extending beyond the urgencies and madness of the office.
David Whyte.

3 thoughts on “Speed

  1. Good point!

    Since I had to take early retirement due to chronic ill-health, I find it almost impossible to get family & friends to slow down (for me). I live mindfully every day. I concentrate on each small task and move slowly. I can’t multi-task any more. Living mindfully is the only way I can manage chronic pain, fatigue and a severe heart condition (and other symptoms). I suspect my family, (who I see rarely), just can’t equate what they see as a normal exterior to the impaired interior. They can’t see severe pain, so they assume it only exists in my mind. They can’t seem to comprehend that I have to walk slowly to avoid chest pain and breathlessness – despite the results of a heart MRI and cardiologist’s report. They only see the ‘me’ of 20 years ago.

    I understand better that we all need space and the time for rest – be it physical or mental.
    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is no longer a saying. It is reality and the start of poor health as we age.

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