Coming and leaving

File:Revolving Door Sign.jpg

Whenever one of these states arise, just know that it has arisen. To see feelings in the right way is to see them as a sort of imposter, not identifying them as ourselves. Anger or doubt are not us: they are not people or beings. So see them without giving them an identity, as just strangers coming in and then leaving. When there is cause they arise,  and when there is no cause they fall away.

Ven Pramote Pamojjo, To see the Truth

photo daquella Manera

3 thoughts on “Coming and leaving

  1. Very thought provoking post!! A girlfriend recommended your blog to me and I really enjoy reading your daily post’s. I find little nuggets of wisdom in your blog post’s as I start to become more enlightened and am also starting to develop a meditation practice. Thank you. Kristen

    1. HI Kristen, It is nice that you have found us and are starting out on this meditation journey. I hope the [posts will continue to support you, Karl

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