Beyond our incessant thinking

File:Rhododendron&Vast ocean of clouds、コバノミツバツツジ&篠山盆地雲海、盃ヶ岳4256293.JPG

In stopping,  looking and listening, in giving ourselves over to all our senses, including mind, we are in that moment embodying what we hold sacred in life. In such moments, we transcend who we think we are. We go beyond our stories and our incessant thinking, however deep and important it sometimes is. There, we reside in the seeing of what is here to be seen and the direct, non-conceptual knowing of what is here to be known, which we don’t have to seek because it is already and always here. We rest in awareness, in the knowing itself which includes not knowing as well.

Jon Kabat Zinn

photo 松岡明芳

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