When you get stuck behind a tractor

File:A traffic tail back behind a tractor by the former Coedana Rectory - geograph.org.uk - 1399270.jpg

It always happens when we are on the way to some appointment….trapped in our schedules, trapped in our cars…

Our old people noticed this from the beginning. They said that the white man lived in a world of cages, and that if we didn’t look out, they would make us live in cages too.

So we started noticing. Everything looked like cages. Your clothes fit like cages. Your houses looked like cages. You put your fences around your yards so they looked like cages. Everything was a cage. You turned the land into cages. Little squares. Then after you had all these cages you made a government to protect these cages. And that government was all cages. All laws about what you couldn’t do. The only freedom you had was inside your own cage. Then you wondered why you weren’t happy and didn’t feel free.

You made all the cages, then you wondered why you didn’t feel free.

Kent Nerburn, Neither Wolf nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder

photo eric jones

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