Sunday Quote: Being content

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Contentment seems more about switching off, at source,  some of the driven aspects of our personalities,

rather than achieving that “more” which we think will fulfil them.

It is related to a quality of not-always-leaning towards something else:

A person is satisfied not by the quantity of food,

but by the absence of greed.


photo timothy krause

2 thoughts on “Sunday Quote: Being content

  1. But I thought the American dream was to be rich. GROWING up here my head filled with images of wealth and abundance. I have a hard time letting this one go. HOW do we stop the need for Greed? SIGH…

    1. Hi Shawn,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Certainly not easy, especially in option rich cultures such as we have developed in the West.
      However, what the wisdom and religious traditions have always pointed to is that real contentment does not come from how much (or how little) we have or strive after, but by noticing the “always more” dynamic in the mind, which creates suffering and does not allow us be content where we are. That “always more” creates a pull on us, emotionally. What Gurdjieff is encouraging us is to be aware of that restless pull, and realize a different type of “abundance”, that of “enough”. Best wishes, Karl

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