Fresh starts

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A friend reminded me yesterday that it is all about starting each day anew, with fresh eyes –  like lighting a candle in the darkness and seeing things in the glow of a kind light:

I’m heading into 2017 aspiring to look at life through the eyes of a child. Buddhists call it “beginner’s mind” — a corrective to the cynicism that comes when we let hard realities darken our vision and diminish our imagination. It’s a way of looking at the world that doesn’t deny the darkness, but makes fresh starts possible in everything – from our personal to our political lives.

What’s “the growing edge” in your life?

Whatever it is, may 2017 be a year in which our adult powers dance with our child-like imaginations to help make all things new.

Parker Palmer

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7 thoughts on “Fresh starts

  1. Happy New Year Karl, and thanks for this wonderful blog. It’s been a great comfort to me in difficult times. It’s full of jewels and gems and words of wisdom!

    1. Dear Jude, A very happy New Year to you too. I am always aware of and grateful for your constant presence. I just post things that keep me going and find that they seem to keep others going at the same time! Even though I am happily back in Ireland after our time in France, I am a little jealous of your life over there in Dordogne/ Perigord (not part of France I ever visited) and your fungi blog is beautiful. The French celebrate those small things in a way that we have forgotten and your skills as a photographer allows us see their beauty. Best wishes, Karl

    2. I’m here thanks to dear Jude, so it’s fitting that I say “Hi” via one of her comments!

      As for this post, I try – before I start my day – to say to my angels/guides, “Well, what are we going to do today?’ and imagine placing my arms in theirs with an anticipation of what’s ahead. They keep each day filled with rewarding experiences!

      I look forward to your daily doses of mindful and positive food for the soul.

      1. Hi Lisa,
        Thanks for following and for your lovely reflections on life and beaity on your blog. I hope the posts may indeed nourish the soul and add to your practice each day in welcoming whatever comes. It is certainly nice knowing someone from your part of the world is reading every day as it feels even more like a world-wide community. Best wishes. Karl

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