“If only” this would change …


People [have always] faced the same kinds of  issues we face now, but with different window dressing. In the time of the Buddha,  men and women were arguing, gossiping, judging others, losing their perspective, overreacting, sexualizing their experiences, chasing after greener pastures, obsessing about non-essentials, feeling lonely and creating too many pipe dreams….. Nothing has fundamentally altered.

How many of us  are still convinced, mature as we may be, that if our partner would only change, or if we could meet the perfect person, everything would be fine?  These are the dysfunctional myths and illusions that drive our lives in very dissatisfying directions.  How many people remember the song from the musical Fiddler on the Roof – “If I were a Rich Man…” 

What is your “big if”?  The big “if” that leads you away from wisdom and reality?

Lama Surya Das,  Awakening the Buddha within

2 thoughts on ““If only” this would change …

  1. Hi Karl, this one is very thought provoking even though I’ve come across similar before. They are quite uncomfortable to read and to be willing to hear what we are reading. Of course my big ‘if’ is connected to the MS. But if I didn’t have this condition there would be another ‘if’. In fact there are numerous ‘ifs all crying out to be heard.

    I hope you are well. For many reasons we haven’t been over to Ireland for a good while. We are hoping to go in the spring. Fingers crossed.

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