5 thoughts on “Saturday: learning by doing nothing

  1. Reblogged this on Running with Buddha and commented:
    In the midst of the inaugural excitements, protests, and whatnot, this post reminds me that regardless what is happening around me, it is my attention that cleanses my soul and guides my spirit.

  2. Morning Karl.

    I hope you are well. I did not receive my mindfulness post this morn? I was hoping you and all at your end – were OK. Seems you are as just seen the Sunday post on your site. It is the first thing I look at on waking and think about. Just alerting you – should I sign up again?

    much, much appreciation Frances

    1. Hi Frances,

      Thanks for your thoughts. All well here, but i have been told sometimes that mails do not arrive. I have no control over this, as it is done by the blog provider. In similar vases i tried to follow up with them, to no avail. If you still have problems, yes, I would sign up again.

      Thanks for your mail,


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