Don’t make life more complicated than it is

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I grew up in a post-Depression household. My parents went off to work, so my grandmother did a great deal of the mothering, and I remember her bathing and washing and dressing me and making braids and preparing the kinds of foods that I liked. The only thing that she was not moved to respond to was the coming and going of childhood bouts of “I’m not happy.” I’d say, “But I’m not happy.” And she’d say, “Where is it written that you’re supposed to be happy all the time?” And I actually think it was the beginning of my spiritual practice — that life is difficult. Then 40 years later, I learned that the Buddhists said the same thing, that life is inevitably challenging, and how are we going to do it in a way that’s wise and doesn’t complicate it more than it is just by itself?

Sylvia Boorstein

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5 thoughts on “Don’t make life more complicated than it is

    1. HI, Yeah I like how it is understated and matter-of-fact, unlike the drama which gets into somethings, when we say it shouldn’t be like this. Thanks for commenting, Karl

  1. We are not supposed to be happy all the time but we can be!! I love that we have a choice in each moment!

    1. Hiya. Thanks for being so faithful in your visits. I really liked it too, in its simplicity but also it’s gentle and kind way of dealing with life’s ups and downs, without adding to their drama. Hope all is well over there. Karl

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