The light is always there

File:Porthole Window (4869420700).jpg

A beautiful idea, similar to the Eastern understanding of natural goodness, or original mind:

Our hands full or not:
The same abundance.
Our eyes open or shut:
The same light.

Yves Jean Bonnefoy, French poet and art historian, 1923 – 2016

with, as before, thanks to david kanigan, Live and Learn blog

photo carrotmadman6

One thought on “The light is always there

  1. Oh. My! There is no way to like or comment on your many posts through the Reader. Now you mention David, and I think, well, how did he get hold of you? Ahhhh. I realize when I click the link, “Go to this site” I find this place – to both ‘like’ and ‘comment.’ I have shared your quotes So many times on Facebook. I don’t surf that site, though I do post things for people to contemplate. Anyhow, thanks for the constant stream of wonderful snippets for reflection. Aloha.

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