The beauty of the new

How frightened we are of the new, of the unknown! We like to remain enclosed in our daily habits, routines, quarrels and anxieties. We like to think in the same old way, take the same road, see the same faces and have the same worries. We dislike to meet strangers, and when we do we are aloof and distraught.  We move within the walls of our own thought; and when we do venture out, it is still within the extension of those walls. We have never an ending, but always nourish the continuous. We carry from day to day the burden of yesterday;

Can the joy of yesterday ever be repeated today? The desire for repetition arises only when there is no joy today; when today is empty, we look to the past or to the future. The desire for repetition is desire for continuity, and in continuity there is never the new. There is happiness, not in the past or in the future, but only in the movement of the present.

Krisnamurti, Commentaries on Living Series 1

One thought on “The beauty of the new

  1. Thank you for this. It is so true. As a therapist I know that if I could only help clients see this truth, they could move past the stuck phonograph needle of rumination over past or future. It is, however, much easier said than done. I teach mindfulness and presentcenteredness. I meditate daily for my own healing and balance. A colleague suggested that learning reiki might be of great help to me in my life and work. Do you have a thought on this?

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