What to remember in a time of change

A similar theme, this time from the Christian tradition:

Nothing lasts. No single thing can consume our entire life’s meaning. No single thing can give us total satisfaction. Nothing is worth everything: neither past, nor present nor future. It isn’t true that the loss of any single thing will destroy us. Everything in life has some value and life is full of valuable things, things worth living for, things worth doing, things worth becoming, things worth loving again. It is only a matter of being detached enough from one thing to be open to everything else.

The essence of life is not to find the one thing that satisfies us  but to realize that nothing can ever completely satisfy us.

Joan Chittister, After Great Pain: Finding a Way Out

2 thoughts on “What to remember in a time of change

  1. Your quotes are always spot on and I read them aloud to my spouse. One could say he’s getting his dharma teachings from your blog, more than from myself who tries to live it, very imperfectly. It makes sense, since attachment is not a factor.

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