Don’t rush to interpret what is going on

We like to live in our heads – our thinking minds – and we presume that this gives us the best information about the world, However, our refuge should be in moment-to-moment direct sensing of experience. We are patient, not  rushing to interpret or make judgments as to how our life is going: 

The instruction and teaching of the actual body is the harbour and the weir.

This is the most important thing in the world.

It is beyond explanation

We just accept it with respect and gratitude



4 thoughts on “Don’t rush to interpret what is going on

    1. Hi Shielagh

      I would think that the political events you are living through over there give rise to enough feeling states in the body for you to have plenty to just observe or to work with! However, the general advice as to not to form too swift a judgment can apply to most days, and not just to the more dramatic ones which seem to have become the norm these days.. Thanks for the comment, Karl

  1. it is so true – I have discovered that focussing on the body can help – asking myself what is my gut reaction? it takes you into feeling/being rather than thinking. bless you thanks for such encouraging words.

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