Another week begins: it doesn’t have to be perfect

Sometimes Monday mornings can be a challenge, and what is not going right comes to mind more easily, as we start back into work after a relaxed and sunny Sunday.  So we remind ourselves that  one does not have to be completely satisfied with everything before one can be content. Similarly, everything does not have to be just as you would like it in your life for you to be grateful.

Meditation is a process of lightening up, of trusting the basic goodness of what we have and who we are, and of realizing that any wisdom that exists, exists in what we already have.

Pema Chodron, The Wisdom of No Escape

The wilderness constantly reminds me that wholeness is not about perfection….

I have been astonished to see how nature uses devastation to stimulate new growth, slowly but persistently healing her own wounds. Wholeness does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life. Knowing this gives me hope that human wholeness – mine, yours, ours – need not be a utopian dream, if we can use devastation as a seedbed for new life.

Parker Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness

2 thoughts on “Another week begins: it doesn’t have to be perfect

  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for these lovely messages of hope I get in my email subscribe box. Today’s message was especially on point as I was starting today with some daunting tasks ahead, so the message to not be perfect is one I needed to hear today! I often tell this exact same thing to my art students, however sometimes the teacher needs the message. 🙂

    1. Hi Sadelle. Lovely to hear from you. It always gives me a bit of a thrill to hear that this Irish blog is being read in such a nice part of the world. I am glad the words were helpful as you faced into today’s challenge, It was a nice weekend here (not that common!) and often Mondays feel a little tough, so I felt that I would post some words of encouragement. Glad they struck a chord with you. Best wishes and thanks for writing. It is nice to hear from the different places the blog is read, Karl

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