Versions of ourselves

Most of us are not open most of the time, we pretend that we are open, but mostly you’re running your own dramatic event of which you are the hero or the heroine. Usually that’s what we are doing most of the time.

The youth stops being so important, you’re too tired to maintain the hero that you think you are or the failure that you think you are, whatever the version of yourself that you bought into is — “I’m this failure, I’m not enough, or I’m this” … I’m more than anybody understands.

Those versions of yourself are not very useful.

Leonard Cohen, on what he learnt in his time in a Zen Monastery

4 thoughts on “Versions of ourselves

    1. Hi Kirsten, Glad the words resonated with you as they did with me. Todays post builds on the same theme. We carry around a lot of versions of ourselves which can be judgmental and not helpful, when underneath there is a kinder way to be. Best wishes, Karl

  1. I never thought of it that way…what a brilliant way to see things as they are. I wonder what this Lael character is going to get up to today?

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