Rehearsing and evaluating

It’s interesting to notice that we spend so much of our time rehearsing what we are going to say or do… we construct our reality by the stories we tell about it.

The evaluation I have in mind is ego centered: “Is this next episode in my life going to bring me something I like, or not? Is it going to hurt, or isn’t it? Is it pleasant or unpleasant? Does it make me important or unimportant? Does it give me something material?” It’s our nature to evaluate in this way. To the extent that we give ourselves over to evaluation of this kind, joy will be missing from our lives. 

Charlotte Joko Beck, Nothing Special, Living Zen 

3 thoughts on “Rehearsing and evaluating

  1. How right you are! To evaluate all we do in terms of possible praise, fame or riches takes away
    the joy of living. The joy to just be.


  2. What would we be if we stopped living in our head, practicing or predicting conversations? We’d be present and happy. Thanks fir sharing. 😊

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