Behind the clouds

Those who gathered yesterday to see the sun rise at the burial tomb in Newgrange were disappointed, as the morning was cloudy, overcast and rainy. No sign of the sun, which in ancient times may have been quite frightening. A good lesson for us on the confidence we keep inside despite our changing moods. 

The sun doesn’t stop shining because some of us are blind.

The birds don’t stop singing because some of us are deaf.

The heart doesn’t stop loving because some of us are afraid.

What lets the flower in the forest bloom though no one is watching?

Mark Nepo, Authority of Being

2 thoughts on “Behind the clouds

  1. I’ve been reading Mark Nepo all year- a verse/writing of his each day. As it is Dec. 24th I’m nearly to the end 😕 Happy to see this! Thank you for what you do here, its beautiful and another daily inspiration for me. Merry Christmas! 🎄💕

  2. Hiya. Hope you all – horses and humans – had a happy Christmas in your beautiful part of the world. Thanks for being present on this journey and all your comments. Hope you have a peaceful start to 2019, Karl

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