When we wake up in the morning, right away we turn on the computer and check our email or read the news on our phone… We live in a world of constant information, available any time and anywhere. But in such a world, we have all the more reason to maintain proper on and off switches.

This is why distinctions are so important. Try erecting gates in your mind

For example, the threshold of your home constitutes the first gate. When you leave home and cross this first gate, thoughts of work of work start to form in your head. The door of your car or the train is the second gate; once you cross it you start planning out your work day. And finally, when you arrive at your office and cross the third gate, you are ready to focus on your work

When the work day is over and you arrive back at the first gate, it’s important to leave work behind. 

Shunmyo Masuno, Zen The Art of Simple Living

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