Stilling the continual movement

More insightful teaching on the basic human dynamics of “continual movement” beneath a lot of the suffering in the mind,  from my favourite source. These dynamics can become more apparent as exterior stimuli are reduced due to the Covid-19 lockdown and we can experience a greater interior restlessness.

We live with many options. If we get bored with looking at a painting, we read something; when that becomes boring, we go for a walk, perhaps visit a friend and go out for dinner together, then watch a movie. The pattern is that each new arising, or “birth” if you like, is experienced as unfulfilling. In this process of ongoing need, we keep moving from this to that without ever getting to the root of the process. Another aspect of this need is the need to fix things, or to fix ourselves — to make conflict or pain go away. By this I mean an instinctive response rather than a measured approach of understanding what is possible to fix and what dukkha (suffering)  has to be accommodated right now.

Then there’s the need to know, to have it all figured out. That gets us moving too. This continued movement is an unenlightened being’s response to dukkha. That movement is what is meant by … “the wandering on” – within this life, we can see all these “births,” — the same habit taking different forms. And each new birth is unsatisfactory too, because sooner or later we meet with another obstacle, another disappointment, another option in the ongoing merry-go-round. High-option cultures just give you a few more spins on the wheel.

Ajahn Sucitto, Turning the Wheel of Truth

2 thoughts on “Stilling the continual movement

  1. Thank you for your daily inspirational posts. I came upon you by accident at a time when life was ‘normal’. Now it is not and everything has changed. But your posts are still there. Thank you, again, from Nelson, New Zealand.

    1. Thanks Catherine, Nice to hear from you and to discover where some people are reading the blog ( Went to a map to see exactly where Nelson is). Hope you are keeping safe in these changed times. The world has become a smaller place with common challenges. Deep down we are all working with what each day puts in front of us, what we label as good or bad, no matter where we are. I am glad if these readings help; I find that dipping into the ways humankind in different places and at different times has made sense of reality down through the centuries helps keep the heart soft. Best wishes, Karl

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