Dropping the storyline

What does it look like to drop the story line of “me”? There was a baseball movie out recently in which a star pitcher is facing a star batter at a crucial point in the game. The pitcher is having a hard time focusing. He’s thinking about what would happen if the batter got a hit. He’s distracted by the fifty thousand fans shouting and waving. Then he says to himself, “Clear the mechanism.” All of a sudden the sound level in the movie drops into silence. Even though the fans are still moving and waving, you no longer hear them, reflecting what the pitcher is experiencing as he disengages from his own emotional noise. Then he says to himself, “Now just throw the ball to the catcher, like you’ve done a million times before.” In “clearing the mechanism” he was turning away from his preoccupation with the mental noise of “me,” from his fear-based thoughts about imagined results, about himself as a star, as someone special. Then he could enter the direct experience of simply throwing the ball.

Ezra Bayda, How to Live a Genuine Life

3 thoughts on “Dropping the storyline

  1. I love that “just throw the ball to the catcher, like you’ve done a million times”. Simple, when we block out the chatter 👌

  2. You can place a beam a couple inches off the ground. Most of us can walk across it without difficulty.

    Now place the same beam 8’ in the air.

    Same skill, task.

    The height brings danger, fear, loss, embarrassment thoughts

    Can we drop this storyline

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