Desire to control

What [the Buddha] saw was that life is the permanent experience of suffering. This suffering is primarily occasioned by the ego’s desire to control – to control the environment, to control others, to control in proportion to our losses. The only path through and beyond this suffering, according to the Buddha, is the relinquishment of the desire to control, to let be, to go with the wisdom implicit in the transience of nature. This release is the proper cure for neurosis, for then one is not split off from nature, including ourselves, who are a part of nature. Such a relinquishment does not render one a slave to loss, but rather a participant in the act of letting go. Only letting go can bring peace and serenity […] None of us will likely attain Buddhahood, but we need not be eternal victims either.

James Hollis, Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places

One thought on “Desire to control

  1. None of us will likely attain Buddhahood because our finite ideas of who we are will be relinquished when we do

    Thank you for your wonderful posts . They remind me of the everydayness of the practice

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