Facing our conflicts

To experience conflicts knowingly, though it may be distressing, can be an invaluable asset. The more we face our own conflicts and seek out our own solutions, the more inner freedom and strength we will gain. Only when we are willing to bear the brunt can we approximate the ideal of being the captain of our ship. A spurious tranquillity rooted in inner dullness is anything but enviable. It is bound to make us weak and an easy prey to any kind of influence.

Karen Horney, Our Inner Conflicts: A Constructive Theory of Neurosis

2 thoughts on “Facing our conflicts

  1. I am part of a project engineering construction company and learnt this lesson very early in my career. I was stationed on a project site and exposed to extreme schedule pressures. As it began to mount, my hopes for a smooth and uneventful day built an inner resistance to my daily realities which were anything but predictable. But one day i woke up and decided to brace the challenges that i knew lay ahead each day – and that made all the difference. The sense of resistance was released and nothing would shake me because i was prepared to welcome the uncertainty of life and learn from it.

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