Observations on “progress”

Taken from his lectures in 1935. If true then, even more so now:

We have said that the world is darkening.

The essential episodes of this darkening are:

The flight of the gods, the destruction of the earth, the standardization of man, the pre-eminence of the mediocre.

Martin Heidegger, German Philosopher, 1889 – 1976, An Introduction to Metaphysics

3 thoughts on “Observations on “progress”

  1. And yet there arises, in each epoch, individuals like yourself Karl, who encourage presence, stillness, reflection. People like the late John O’Donohue who encourage us to recognise the presence of our soul, remind us that the body is in the soul and not the other way around. Activists like Greta Thunberg who never give up … we have work to do. Namaste

  2. The replacement of God with rationalism has led to some pretty irrational atrocities in the 18th-20th centuries

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