Pay Attention

Last Sunday, my friends and I spoke about the gift of learning to observe ourselves impartially. We spoke of using the constantly changing flow of sensory feeling in the body — keeping it simple, just knowing pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral in the body.  Breaking our experience down in this way — sunlight, pleasant, shadow, unpleasant – can help us glimpse the flowing, changing nature of our experience. But turning our attention to the moment-by-moment experience of the life of body can accomplish something much greater. It can help free us from an obsessive identification with a small, embattled self. It can be the key to living a much bigger life — a good life in the deepest sense.

Tracy Cochran, Pay Attention, for Goodness Sake

3 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. I constantly monitor the flow.
    At all times I am looking for those things around me that inspire joy.
    They can be picked out from any landscape or perspective.
    Sometimes it requires more effort, depending on circumstances.
    There is always, always, always something to find, a pleasantry, an inspiration.

    “How much greater would you know the tiny seed, the quaking grass, if it were all the world?
    Consider the sparrow, and how much greater is his knowledge than your own.”

    Seek peace,

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