Let go and Rest

There is another kind of seeing that involves a letting go. When I see this way I sway transfixed and emptied… But I can’t go out and try to see this way. I’ll fail, I’ll go mad. All I can do is try to gag the commentator, to hush the noise of useless interior babble…The effort is really a discipline requiring a lifetime of dedicated struggle; it marks the literature of saints and monks of every order East and West… The world’s spiritual geniuses seem to discover universally  that the mind’s muddy river, this ceaseless flow  of trivia and trash, cannot be dammed,  and that trying to dam it is a waste of effort that might lead to madness. 
Instead you must allow the muddy river to flow unheeded  in the dim channels of consciousness; you raise your sights;  you look along it, mildly, acknowledging its presence  without interest and gazing beyond it into the realm of the real  where subjects and objects act and rest purely, without utterance.
Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

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