Cherish being alive

Got news yesterday of the sudden death of an old friend, who I had not seen in over 18 months due to pandemic restrictions. It made me think of the choices we have as to where we invest our energy and our thoughts. Life can pass us by, and we waste a lot of it rehashing our familiar litany of fears, tired old stories and self-doubts.

In Zen temples there is a small wooden board called a “han” that is struck with a mallet to signal that it is time for some part of the daily routine. It might have the words “Shoji jidai” written on it in ink. Have you ever seen this? The words mean “life is full of fortune and misfortune, but cherish being alive, every single day. Life will pass you by

Come now, open your eyes.

What kind of day should we make today?

Shunmyo Masumo, Zen: The Art of Simple Living

7 thoughts on “Cherish being alive

  1. Ahhh…just as I was contemplating forgetting all those things my heart knows. Thanks for the nudge. Namo

  2. I am so very sorry about the loss of your life-long friend. Wishing you comfort and peace, as you reflect on many happy memories of moments shared together. ❤

    1. Many thanks Anita for your wishes and for your faithful reading of the blog. There have been many different types of losses for many people over the period of this pandemic, Karl

  3. I have been receiving this email everyday for many years and so cherish it. I am sorry for your loss, friend.

    1. Yes Eliza, but a lot of important lessons to learn in them, especially not to put off life until some later time, Hope you are well, Karl

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