Keep planting

This prophetic message is also taught by the Prophet Muhammad: “If the Hour of Resurrection comes up, and one of you is holding a sapling, finish planting it”

It is an amazing saying. If the End of Days is upon you, still, finish planting. Go ahead with the act, even if it — and you — will not survive to fruition. Yes, there are days that it seems like the world around us is coming to an end. It may — or it may not. But let us keep planting. 

It is not merely the fruit of these collective saplings that will save this world; it is the hope, the faith, and the stubborn clinging to the good of us planters that will save our own soul, and save this small, wounded, beautiful home.

Omid Safi

4 thoughts on “Keep planting

  1. My heartfelt thanks for this extraordinarily timely post. It came like a cool breeze, opening a space in the fear I’ve felt since a recent dream of the dark having triumphed, that our greed and destructiveness had overwhelmed the light. Your daily posts often seem uncannily apt, and give me a wonderful sense of community and companionship. Thank you, and blessings to you.

    1. Thank you so much. I write what speaks to me or gives me hope and I am glad when it resonates with you. Blessing to you also and on your day, Karl

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