Stillness in the wind

I did a retreat last weekend with Ajahn Amaro who emphasized gaining insight into the ever-present dynamic of “I, me and mine”, and developing a mind which is capable of observing these labels

Enlightenment, liberation, depends on the recognition of the radical separateness of awareness – “the one who knows” – and the world of the five khandhas (Sanskrit: skandhas)…The key is training the heart to rest in the various dimensions of knowing, and not becoming entangled in the khandhas.

Here are some words from Ajahn Chah that encompass [these] themes:

This mind of ours is already unmoving and peaceful… really peaceful! Just like a leaf which is still as long as no wind blows. If a wind comes up the leaf flutters. The fluttering is due to the wind – the “fluttering” is due to those sense impressions; the mind follows them. If it doesn’t follow them, it doesn’t “flutter.” If we know fully the true nature of sense impressions we will be unmoved.

Our practice is simply to see the Original Mind. We must train the mind to know those sense impressions, and not get lost in them; to make it peaceful.

Ajahn Amaro, Like Oil and Water

[The 5 khandhas, or in Sanskrit,  skandhas, are form, feeling-tone, perception, thoughts and emotions, and consciousness.]

One thought on “Stillness in the wind

  1. True..the deeper mind is still. The mind we are conscious of is will be moved..the training is to connect with the changing mind from the unmoving one.

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