Natural spaciousness

Silence refers to the fact that we are originally free from all narratives and constructs of self. Mind precedes everything; it is the precursor to experience. So in understanding the nature of mind and gaining insight, you see that all things are impermanent, all things have no abidance, and are intimately connected. That is the realization of no-self, selflessness. This true nature of our mind is free from the coming and going of fragmented, scattered, discriminating thoughts....You don’t have to do anything to make them to disappear. I often give the analogy that this room we’re in – its spaciousness – is really not affected by all the furniture and the people in it. 

Guo Gu, Silent Illumination

One thought on “Natural spaciousness

  1. The furniture and people may not change the nature of the space (i.e. the mind), but the content does affect the quality of the space (i.e. too cluttered, crowded) and subsequently the quality of life. Thanks for sharing, Karl.

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