The first of May marks the start of Summer in the old Celtic way of dividing the seasons

The heart’s seasons seldom coincide with the calendar. Who among us has not been made desolate beyond all words upon some golden day when the little creatures of the air and meadow were life incarnate, from sheer joy of living? Who among us has not come home, singing, when the streets were almost impassable with snow, or met a friend with a happy, smiling face, in the midst of a pouring rain?

The soul, too, has its own hours of Winter and Spring.

Myrtle Reed 1874 – 1911, American author, poet, journalist, and philanthropist.

2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Thank you Mr. Duffy, for your daily thoughts and email pearls of wisdom. I look forward to them each morning here in La Crescent, Minnesota, USA.

    My daughter is marrying an Irishman in September! I think he has a similar soul found in both of us…. 🙂

    1. Dear Thomas. Lovely to hear from you and to hear of the different places the blog is read – I had to look up the map to find La Crescent and it looks to be a lovely place to be. The world is a small place, with your daughter marrying an Irish person. I wish them every happiness. Thank you for reading the blog and for being part of this small effort to reflect on the inner life and how to navigate our way through this world with its increasing complex challenges. It is good to reflect upon different sources of wisdom when we have so many reminders these days of the uncertain nature of existence. Best wishes, Karl

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