The key insight

Groundlessness, uncertainty, insecurity, vulnerability — these are words that ordinarily carry a negative connotation. We’re generally wary of these feelings and try to elude them in any way possible.

But groundlessness isn’t something we need to avoid. The same feeling we find so troubling when we open to it can be experienced as a huge relief, as freedom from all restraints. It can be experienced as a mind so unbiased and relaxed that we feel expansive and joyful.

Pema Chodron, Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change

One thought on “The key insight

  1. We control our response to things .. it is shaped by our perception of each event. Taoism is based on duality contained in each thing, each event. So next time you automatically go to labeling someing as ‘bad’ .. stop and change your perspective to look for the ‘good’ that is contained in it.

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